Ray Lothar Slijngaard was born on June 28th,1971 in Amsterdam, in the same hospital (Wilhelmina Gasthuis, which is located in the southern part of town) than Anita Dels his future partner of 2 Unlimited. His father Lothar Rudolf comes from Surinam (he is a cooker) and his mother Ingrid is Dutch (she breeds pure-breed horses). He was a bright student but very lazy. As he was bored in class, he used to write raps (he especially likes Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, and Snoop Doggy Dog, who is his favorite. He also likes old school like The Sugar Hill Gang, and the Naughty by Nature). Ray was a chef (cooker) at the Netherland's Schiphol Airport, and he dreamed of becoming a musical star. He also was a breakdancer. But, he said, 'I didn't realize I could make a career of it.' A friend of his, also a rapper, Marvin D, was a member of a successful rap group. But during one show, the crowd wasn't hyped, so Ray took the mic, 'and started rapping. The kids went crazy and I guess that's what started it all.'Before long, he was put in touch with producers Jean-Paul DeCoster and Phil Wilde . He also suggested bringing in a female vocalise who turned to be Anita, a singer he knew from the club scene in Amsterdam. While he was rapping for 2 Unlimited, he found some time to appear in a Dutch TV film entitled Do The Right Thing which dealt about racial problems. he finally bought a big house in the center of Amsterdam to live closer to his parents. He hanged all his gold records at the walls of his new home. He likes training his raps in his bath because the acoustic is good there. After 5 hectic years as 2 Unlimited rapper, his contract ended in 1996. Anita and him both decided not to extend it for another 5 years. After they left 2 Unlimited, they were going to call themselves the A & R Foundation or just simply Ray & Anita. Many record companies offered them a lot of money to go on together, but because Anita wanted to do more dance stuff and Ray wanted more Hip Hop/R&B they decided not to go on together. Ray is busy with his own record label, called Rayvano Records (named after his son) which he runs with his partner, again Marvin D. He also produces T.O.F (Funk It Up, Feel This Groove, Jump Around) Other releases include happy hardcore group A.K. with Just A Dream, and X-Ray even has jungle groups. There was also a project with a group created by Turbo B , the Porno Boys. In 1997 Ray released his first solo singles called Three Times A Day and Do You Think I'm Sexy, simply under the name Ray.


1999: Ray & Orpheo create a project V.I.P. All Stars, and release singles Mamacita and When It's My Turn (feat. Strezz).


2003 : Ray is currently working on a brand new project called Legends. He teamed up with Herman Rarebell of The Scorpions to release a single called Eye of the Tiger


2007 : in December Ray did a tour as 2 Unlimited across South America. Apart from the 2 unlimited hits, he also sung some unreleased tracks, such as Arabesque, Round And Round, Dance With Me.





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