Welcome to the power age !
Money, money, money !

The power age it's the new generation
And we are the one with no limitations
We had the iron and the stone
Now we've got a now age that we own
But it's not about the power that makes you blind
It's all about the power that's in your mind
This is the time to get the power
The power age, this is the hour
So let the rhythm take you on the floor
So release all the pain that stood there before
So get with it ah yeah you belong
There's only one force that makes you strong

Oh oh this is the power age (bis)

We're reaching for the final destination
To break out up the cage
Get into the power age
With all the brand new generation
It's time to turn the page
We're living in the power age

Break out of your cage, into the power age

The age of destruction, the age of hate
And the age of violence, and the ages of late
Greed and gain, that's all they care
Money money money with enough to share
So get with it, feel the vibration
The power age it's just a sensation
You can feel it down in your soul
When you let the force take control
So by now you better know the deal
You gotta get high to get real
Free your mind to disgage
And welcome to the power age

This is the power age (bis)
Swing it, swing it
The power age




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